MM N 613. Literary sketch

Literary sketch. “Down here by the shore I feel”.

MM N 613, p. 1

    Down here by the shore I feel
that I find an image of my-
self – of my life –

    Is it because
we walked along the shore
together in former days?
– That peculiar scent of seaweed
and the ocean reminds me of her
– the strange Boulders that mysteriously
protrude from the water and take on
the shapes of fantastic creatures
that resembled trolls the other night –
– In the murky green
water I see the colour of her
eyes –

    – Far far yonder – the
soft line where the air meets
the sea – it is as unfathomable – as
existence – unfathomable as
death – as perpetual as longing

MM N 613, p. 2

And life is – like this
tranquil surface – it reflects
the bright pure colours
– of the air –
[and] the concealed depths
– with its Slime – its
Vermin – like death –