Most of the articles in English are a selection from the exhibition catalogue – Text and Image. (To order the printed catalogue contact the museum shop). The articles are intended as an introduction to the material and contain links to further reading.

Articles – Text and ImageMM T 2547, fol. 53r
From the exhibition catalogue – Text and Image
The User of Language
Edvard Munch’s Written Language and Handwriting. By Hilde Bøe
Edvard Munch’s German Letters. By Christian Janss
Edvard Munch and the French Language. By Henninge M. Solberg
The Archive Creator
“... this chaos of letters I have collected ...” Edvard Munch, the Letter Writer. By Åshild Haugsland
Edvard Munch’s Writings after 1944. Fragments of a Research and Publication Chronicle. By Lasse Jacobsen
The Aim of Digitising: More than just Reading Texts. By Øyvind Eide
The Author
Edvard Munch’s Own Publications. By Lasse Jacobsen
The Narrator
Edvard Munch – The Narrator. By Mai Britt Guleng
Zum schwarzen Ferkel. With Strindberg as its leading figure, the venerable old pub soon became the meeting place for a circle of Scandinavian and German artists, among them Edvard Munch. By Lasse Jacobsen
Edvard Munch’s applications for endowment grants and the government stipend for artists. By Lasse Jacobsen
“My German is in such a poor state”. Edvard Munch’s Letters written in German. By Sibylle Söring