MM N 640. Literary sketch

Literary sketch. “Inside of us are Worlds”.

MM N 640, p. 1

    nothing is small nothing is great –

    Inside of us are Worlds – small things
form part of the large as large things form part
of the small –

    A drop of blood is a Universe with
Suns at its centre and Planets – and Stars
the ocean is a drop of Blood
a small part of a Body

    – God is in us and we in God –
– primordial light is everywhere and
shines where there is Life – and all is
Motion and Light –

    Crystals are born and shaped
like the Child in a Mother’s Womb – and even
in the hardest Stone the Flame of
Life blazes –

    Death is the Beginning of new Life
Crystallisation –

    Death is the beginning of Life

MM N 640, p. 2

We do not die it is the World that dies
from us –

    Death is the Brother
of Love and Pain is the Companion
of Joy

and I was filled more and more with wrath towards this wealthy
Woman who stole my only   … 
and more incensed   …   –

    I am like a Sleepwalker who
is being chased on the Gable of a Roof
– and I walk surefooted in my
Thoughts and Dreams –

    Do not awaken me brutally
from this Gait of mine – and do not
 …  me up or I will fall down
from the Roof and break my Neck –

Humans and trees pine for
what the Earth and the Stones pine
for to become one with the Air
and Humans and Animals and Trees were created
and Air became Water and Earth became Air

MM N 640, p. 3

I dreamt in the Night.

    A coffin stood on top of
a Hill – and in the Coffin lay a
young Man  …  Next to
the Coffin stood a Mother [in] black
ringing a Bell –
and [the] Mother sang go now into
the Land of Crystals –
and a procession of Men and Women walked below
repeating    and go now into
the Land of Crystals –

    the Background suddenly became illuminated
a great Kingdom could be seen radiating
in all the colours of the
Rainbow – Rays [of light] were refracted
through Crystals clear as diamonds
large and small – and some formed
Castles and others strange-looking Trees –