MM N 29. Aphorisms related to art

Aphorisms related to art.

No-MM_N0029-01.jpg. MM N 29, p. 1

MM N 29, p. 1

    On the whole
Art comes
from one human being’s compulsion
to communicate to
another –

    All means are equally
appropriate –

    In Painting as in literature one often
confuses the means with
the goal – Nature is the
means not the goal –
If one can achieve
something by changing
nature – then one must
do so –

    In an intense state of

No-MM_N0029-02.jpg. MM N 29, p. 2

MM N 29, p. 2

a landscape will make
a certain impression on
one – by depicting
this landscape one
will arrive at an
image of one’s
own mood –
it is this
mood that is the main thing
– Nature is merely
the means –

    Whether the picture
resembles nature is
irrelevant –

No-MM_N0029-03.jpg. MM N 29, p. 3

MM N 29, p. 3

To explain a
picture is impossible
– It is precisely
because one cannot
explain it in any other
way than it has been
painted –

    One can
only give a little hint
of what
one was aiming at

    I do not believe in
art which has not been forced
into being by a man’s
compulsion to open his heart

    All art like
music must be created
with one’s lifeblood –

    Art is one’s lifeblood

No-MM_N0029-04.jpg. MM N 29, p. 4

MM N 29, p. 4