MM N 43. Notes related to art

Notes related to art and The Frieze of Life.

No-MM_N0043-00-01r.jpg. MM N 43, fol. 1r

MM N 43, fol. 1r


    When You mention the Frieze of Life and the various pictures
that are designated as symbolic or literary You must
remember that there was a simultaneous synchronised
artistic project – These pictures were the first steps towards
later murals and for the Aula pictures Commentary

    I sought simplification – what I in fact have
always done – It was the iron construction (like the
concrete of today) the Eiffel Tower Commentary. Institution – It was the taut bow that
subsequently became slackened by Art Nouveau – The Wavy line
was in fact also linked to the discovery and premonition
of new energy in the atmosphere – Radio waves and a premonition of
a form of communication from one person to another –
(Separation: I symbolised the connection between the separated couple

No-MM_N0043-00-01v.jpg. MM N 43, fol. 1v

MM N 43, fol. 1v


with the help of the long wavy hair (It hangs
among the Frieze of Life) The long hair is a kind of telephone wire

    For isn’t the simplified women’s attire
of today a consequence of that period’s striving for simplicity in art
And likewise of functionalism –

    It is in any case a matter of simplification and the idea was
developed already then among others by van de Velde
Do You not find a similarity between “The Dance of Life” and
the rhythm and movement in the dance of the past 20 years? In the Frieze
of Life on the Whole?
Are there not points of similarity between the groups the movements
and the lines and costumes
of the Frieze of Life and the youth of today –

    Incidentally – I will soon have to make a decision with
regard to plans for the Frieze of Life and the other large
friezes. I am aware that one cannot anticipate many sales and
I am prepared to have to discontinue my endeavours – I can perhaps keep
at it for another year but then I will be forced to roll up all of the canvases

    I can of course take photographs and make drawings of my plans
I have also had a pipedream about a park with wall decorations
out here –

Your devoted
Edvard Munch