MM N 505. Literary sketch. Ashes

Literary sketch. Ashes    Listen to a reading of the text

No-MM_N0505-01.jpg. MM N 505, p. 1

MM N 505, p. 1


During all that time he had
in fact forgotten that she was
married – Any thought of the Captain had
only fleetingly passed him by.
– It had in fact never
occurred to him either that
things should end this way – not until this moment
sitting in this large dark
cold room with the fluttering
candle flames did he see everything clearly –
He had committed fornication – he had
deceived the tall Captain – he
had thrown himself into something that
caused him remorse – his Father – and the others at home

And the time he felt love
and the time they had been together
until now – lay like a heap of ashes – And she with all
the other lovers