MM N 533. Literary sketch

Literary sketch. “I lie in the night and hear”.

No-MM_N0533-00-01r.jpg. MM N 533, fol. 1r

MM N 533, fol. 1r

    I lie in the night and hear
my heart pounding – I can hear the blood
rushing – in my ears my head is about to explode
– the space just beneath my skin and my fingertips and
toes are seething – My skin crawls –

    How they race those billion planets that
course from my skin
to my heart – rhythmically guided by the beats of the heart.
Billions of planets explode – They want to break
out of their confinement – but must return once more

    – There is a rushing in the canals of ear – my limbs
quiver – the billion planets

    – What is small what is large – what
is time? – A mere second between the heartbeats
– and the planets within me have completed their
circuit – Light from the most distant planets in
the universe takes billions of years to reach me.
– In the cell tissue planets are working – and the planets’
dwellers – The Cell tissue’s torrent of stars – and Their dwellers
– and Their Atoms – I close my eyes in the dark
– My innards are lit up and sparkle – The Planets
are illuminated – the atoms glow –