MM N 614. Literary sketch

Literary sketch. “Deep violet, the darkness settled”.

No-MM_N0614-00-01r.jpg. MM N 614, fol. 1r

MM N 614, fol. 1r

    Deep violet, the darkness settled over the entire
earth – I sat under a tree –
whose leaves had begun to wither, to yellow – She
had been sitting beside me – she
had bowed her head over mine – her
blood-red hair had entangled
me –
coiled itself around me
like blood-red snakes – its most delicate
strands had infiltrated my heart –
– and then she had risen – I know
not why – slowly she moved
away towards the ocean – further and
further distant – then a strange thing
happened – I felt as though there were invisible
threads connecting us – I felt as though invisible
strands of her hair continued to entangle
me –
and even as she completely disappeared there
across the ocean – I still felt
the pain where my heart
bled – for the threads could not
be severed