MM N 618. Literary sketch. My Madonna

Literary sketch. My Madonna    Listen to a reading of the text

No-MM_N0618-01.jpg. MM N 618, p. 1

MM N 618, p. 1

My Madonna

    He sat with his arm around
her waist – her head
was so near him – how
strange it was to
have her eyes – her
mouth her breast so
close to him –

    He saw each eyelash –
then the shades of green
in her eyes – it was the hair’s
lucidity – and
her pupil was large in the semi-dark

    He touched her mouth
with his fingers – her
soft flesh gave way to
the touch – and the lips stretched
into a smile – as he
felt the large blue-grey Eyes

No-MM_N0618-02.jpg. MM N 618, p. 2

MM N 618, p. 2

resting on him
He studied her
brooch – that shone
with red iridescence –
he felt it with
his trembling fingers –
All of this was his

    He leaned his head against
her breast – he could hear
the beating of her heart – felt the blood
pulsing in her veins – and he
felt two burning lips
against his neck – it
sent a shiver
through his body – a freezing
lust so that he pressed
her to him in a
convulsion of desire