MM N 620. Literary sketch

Literary sketch. “It was evening”.

No-MM_N0620-01.jpg. MM N 620, p. 1

MM N 620, p. 1

    It was evening

    I was walking by the sea –
There was moonlight between the clouds

    The Boulders protruded from the water
mysterious as sea creatures
who had large white heads that
tittered and laughed – some up on the shore
others down in the water –
and she who walked there by
my side resembled a mermaid
– with luminous eyes and her
loosened hair shimmered with a golden
sheen from the horizon

    But she is not
here she is far away and there is no moonlight
I can hear the
sighing and swishing in
between the boulders – along
the horizon [are] elongated grey clouds
– everything appears to be extinct – other-
worldly – a wasteland
– but someone is coming over

No-MM_N0620-02.jpg. MM N 620, p. 2

MM N 620, p. 2

there on the
long pier – a man
and a woman – they are walking out
on the long pier now – towards
the yellow boat – and
behind them a man carrying oars

    – Why it is her – her
gait – her movements
as when she stood with her hands
on her hips – yet I
know that she is many
miles from here –
god heavenly father
– have mercy on me
let it not be her –
– I implore You only this
once –

    They are climbing down into the boat now – she
and he –

No-MM_N0620-03.jpg. MM N 620, p. 3

MM N 620, p. 3

    I knew it – I knew it
they are going out to the island over there
– that bright joyful island –
with the green meadows and the sheltered
underbrush –
they will wander arm in arm
amidst the trees there – the air is so
downy – it must be delightful
to love now –

    The Boat grows smaller
and smaller – the strokes of the oars
resonate across the sea’s surface –
He was alone – the waves
rolled monotonously towards him –
and lapped against the boulders –
But out there – the island lay smiling
in the illuminated summer night

No-MM_N0620-04.jpg. MM N 620, p. 4

MM N 620, p. 4

    When I could count on
you I wanted you to go –
now that you are lost to me
I love you –

    – If I could have you once again
I wonder if I would
be bored with you again?