MM N 637. Literary sketch

Literary sketch. “You are taller than me”.

No-MM_N0637-00-01r.jpg. MM N 637, fol. 1r

MM N 637, fol. 1r

    You are taller than me – I stand
on a Tuft of grass, so that I can
look into your eyes –

    How pale You are in the moonlight
and how dark Your eyes are
– They are so large
they cover half
the Sky –

    I can barely see your
features – yet I glimpse your
white teeth when you smile –

    I am a little cold – and how dark
the Forest seems –

    Do You not see an Animal in there
– is it a boulder – or a head
– a snake’s head –

    I sense You are smiling –

No-MM_N0637-00-01v.jpg. MM N 637, fol. 1v

MM N 637, fol. 1v

    When we stand like this – and
my eyes gaze into your large
eyes – in the pale moonlight –
– don’t You know – delicate hands
weave invisible threads – that
entangle my heart –
leading from my eyes – through
Your large dark eyes – into
Your heart –

    – How large Your eyes are
now when You are so near me
– They are like two immense dusky