MM N 641. Literary sketch

Literary sketch. “She was a swan –”

No-MM_N0641-01.jpg. MM N 641, p. 1

MM N 641, p. 1

    She was a swan – It glided with
its long graceful neck slowly across
the water – It looked about with kind
contented eyes – reflected itself
in the water that was light blue with white
clouds like the sky above –

    I lived down there in the depths
I poked about amidst blue-black vermin
– green-brown slime and all kinds of hideous creatures
[I] floundered about in the mire and remembered a time
when I still lived up there
on the surface before I had
all this mire in my bronchia

    I was frightened by my own shadow
– terror gripped me and I had to
rise to the bright colours –

    I forced my way up – raised my head
above the water’s surface – the light was
so dazzling – it hurt my eyes –

    There was the swan – it was so
lovely – it had such kind eyes

No-MM_N0641-02.jpg. MM N 641, p. 2

MM N 641, p. 2

it was dazzlingly clean

    I reached out with my hands
– it approached me – did not [appear to] move
just glided – closer closer
– until it was so close that I thought
I could take it in my arms – press
its white breast to mine – lay
my head in its soft down

    – Then it came no closer –
It had a frightened expression
in its eyes – I saw that its breast
had become soiled – the water around
me was dirty – and I saw
my reflection in the water – how
pallid it was –
I heard a terrible
scream and I knew it was
I who had screamed –

    The swan was far away from me – it
glided with its kind eyes – on the
shimmering surface of the water – where it reflected
the pure colours of the air –