MM N 643. Literary sketch. The Urn

Literary sketch. The Urn.

No-MM_N0643-01.jpg. MM N 643, p. 1

MM N 643, p. 1

The Urn

Up from this hatred of mine
hatred towards you – because
You have brought
me –
– a heap of lies –
of audaciousness – of coarseness
a countenance arose
a countenance full of
Grief and Beauty
No-MM_N0643-02.jpg. MM N 643, p. 2

MM N 643, p. 2

    I pace restlessly about seeking
relief – I feel some one else’s
power control me – like
the moon’s sway over the sea – which
from afar – drives the sea
to unrest
to ebb and flow –

    Such is the unrest in my
soul – and the atoms of my body
have shifted position –