MM N 664. Literary sketch

No-MM_N0664-00-01r.jpg. MM N 664, fol. 1r

MM N 664, fol. 1r

By the Shore. Melancholy

    I walked by the sea – there was
moonlight in between dark clouds – boulders
protruded from the water mysterious as
sea creatures – there
were large white heads that sneered and
laughed – some up
on the shore others down in the water
– the dark blue violet
sea rose and fell – sighed
in between the boulders –

    I walked in solitude one evening
by the water – there was sighing and swirling
in between the boulders – there were
long grey clouds along the horizon –
– everything seemed extinct – everything
other-worldly – a wasteland
– but now things came to life yonder by the pier
– there was a man and a woman –
then another man appeared – with oars over
his shoulder – and the boat was down there – ready to
embark –

No-MM_N0664-00-01v.jpg. MM N 664, fol. 1v

MM N 664, fol. 1v

    She resembles her – I felt a pang
in my breast – could she be here now – For I know
that she is far away – and yet and yet
it is her movements –
that is how she used to stand – with her arm on her hip
– God – heavenly father – have mercy on me
– let it not be her –

    There they go down – she and he  …  will row
over to the island out there – in the illuminated summer night
they will wander out there amidst the trees – arm
in arm –
The air is so downy – it must be wonderful to love now
the boat grew smaller and smaller    the strokes of the oars
could still be heard across the sea’s surface –
– He was alone –    the waves rolled
monotonously towards him – and there was a
constant swirling in between the boulders –