MM T 2906. Literary sketch

Literary sketch. When love grew!

No-MM_T2906-01.jpg. MM T 2906, p. 1

MM T 2906, p. 1

When love grew!

    Nature has endowed You with its
Beauty and You become [ever] more beautiful
The Summer night turned to gold Your
Countenance and Your hair –

    Only your eyes – were
dark – and glittered
with a mystical glow –

    And Nature was made more beautiful by
You – Through my eye’s
retina that was awakened by
your beauty –
I saw that the sea had
become larger – the waves had become
softer – the Forest a darker
green –

    The Boulders came to life
– and stirred – became mermaids
and trolls – the Forest’s dark

No-MM_T2906-02.jpg. MM T 2906, p. 2

MM T 2906, p. 2

No-MM_T2906-03.jpg. MM T 2906, p. 3

MM T 2906, p. 3

darkness gave birth to creatures –
Serpents moved under
the leaves –

    The Moon turned gold –
A gold pillar stood in the water
– enticing one – it melted from
its own radiance – and gold drifted
out over the water –

our eyes met
– invisible hands
entwined delicate threads – that
travelled through Your large eyes
in through my eyes and
trussed our hearts together