MM UT 2. The Scream

Pour satisfaire à la curiosité manifestée [...]. – S. 477–478. In: La Revue Blanche. 6 anné, tome IX, no. 60 (1895)

No-MM_UT0002-01.jpg. MM UT 2, p. 528

MM UT 2, p. 528

Mr. Edvard Munch. The annotative text is one of
these little poems that Mr. Munch has the habit of adding to his
compositions. It thus represents a document in support of what we could say
are the literary preoccupations of the Norwegian painter.

    Pausing, I leaned against the railing, tired to death from
exhaustion. Above the blue-black fjord clouds hovered,
blood red and like flaming tongues. My friends
walked on, and alone, quivering with angst, I sensed
a great infinite scream in nature. – E. M.

Le Gérant : Léon Frémont Commentary. Person