Knut Hamsun

Knut (eg. Knud) Hamsun (1859–1952)
Norwegian author. Munch and Hamsun met each other in the mid-1890s. Presumably frequented the same Scandinavian milieu in Paris in the spring of 1895 with August Strindberg as a mutual friend. The same fall they met again during a boisterous drinking binge with Jappe Nilssen, Dagny Juel and Stanislaw Przybyszewski in Julius Gundersen’s wine bar in Kristiania. Knut Hamsun held a speech for the Polish pianist and Munch made a sketch of the speaker. Munch used the sketch as the basis for a graphic portrait of Hamsun that he made the following year, which was published in the periodical Pan in 1896. Hamsun was not satisfied with the picture and wished to buy the copper plate in order to prevent further printings of the portrait, but Munch did not pay heed to Hamsun’s objections. Had his portrait made by Munch.

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Letters and letter drafts (not translated) from Edvard Munch to Knut Hamsun

There are 1 letters and letter drafts for this recipient in the digital archive.

Munchmuseet, MM N 3652.    Not dated. « Den Radering jeg gjorde af Dig er antaget til Gjengivelse i Pan (Det vil sige at { … }Bladet har kjøbt Kobberpladen) { … }Da Du har sagt mig at det{ … }det ikke generer dig større om det udgives i Tydskland og da Kunstbladet udgives i meget få Exemplarer (De{t}r findes mulig blot en Abonent i hele Norge) har jeg ikke havt noge{t}n Betænkeligheder ved at antage Bladets Til{ … }bud.»