MM N 31. Notes related to art

Notes related to art and The Frieze of Life.

MM N 31, p. 1

    Edvard Munch will in the
near Future exhibit a large
number of older and more recent
Paintings. an Attempt
at creating decorative
Motifs from the
modern Life of the Soul. The large Frieze
which he has worked on
 …  14 Years which treats Life and is now
completed – also a
Frieze commissioned
by Dr. Linde Commentary. Person for a Room in Lübeck–

    Furthermore Portraits of
Schlittgen Commentary. Person and Count Kessler Commentary. Person,
the Head of the German
Association of Artists Commentary. Institution

MM N 31, p. 2

A Frieze of decorative Paintings
from the modern Life of the Soul –
treated Life from Birth
to Death –

    The Onset of Love
its Blooming, its
Struggle and its Waning,
Angst and Death –

MM N 31, p. 3


The Bock Family
Przybyszewski Commentary. Person
Count Kessler Commentary. Person,
The Draughtsman Schlittgen Commentary. Person
The Frenchman Archinard Commentary. Person