Gunnar Heiberg

Gunnar Edvard Rode Heiberg (1857–1929)
Norwegian journalist, poet, playwright, theatre critic and Director of Den Nationale Scene in Bergen. Cousin of the poet Helge Rode. Third cousin of the painter Jean Heiberg. Sigurd Bødtker’s brother-in-law. Brother of Inge Heiberg. Became acquainted with Munch during the 1880s, but the relationship turned from friendly to hostile after Munch associated Heiberg with “the bohemian enemy”. Had his portrait painted by Munch.

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Letters and letter drafts (not translated) from Edvard Munch to Gunnar Heiberg

There are 1 letters and letter drafts for this recipient in the digital archive.

Munchmuseet, MM N 1727.    Dated 1906–1908. «Tillader De at Jeg bruger Deres Contrafei som Reklameplakat for P.A. Larsens Vinhandel»