MM T 2759. Sketchbook

Sketchbook containing literary sketches and letter drafts.

No-MM_T2759-00-R.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. R

MM T 2759, fol. R

No-MM_T2759-00-Ri.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. Ri

MM T 2759, fol. Ri

    Richard S Commentary. Person … 

No-MM_T2759-01r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 1r

MM T 2759, fol. 1r

    PAL                  PAM

    last Meal     
The Garondists’ last Meal

Gunnar H Commentary. Person is
departing in the next few
Days – due to

No-MM_T2759-03r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 3r

MM T 2759, fol. 3r

No-MM_T2759-04r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 4r

MM T 2759, fol. 4r

    P A Larsen’s estate like
other important Aristocratic Families
in the Florentine period – which was also
known for its great
Interest in Art –
has had the Means to compensate
Executioners for the Performance of
Villainous services –

    P A Larsen wishes
of course to donate the estate for his
Retiring Villains’ life-
long Pension – In which case
one of the Villains S B Commentary. Person will
hopefully retire

No-MM_T2759-04v.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 4v

MM T 2759, fol. 4v

This cunning vulgar bedrag-
gled Circle has in fact
been able to tyrannize Kristiania Commentary. Place
for 20 Years –

with their Backs against
one another

No-MM_T2759-05r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 5r

MM T 2759, fol. 5r

    I believe I have done Norway
a Favour by driving
a Wedge in this Camarilla Commentary
consisting of a click of washed out
Men of letters – drunken offspring
of Wealthy men –

– washed out Men
who have used their knowledge of Jurisprudence
to deceive with cunning and impunity
wherever they could – Rich and poor
– Poor Artists and Students
– Housekeepers and Waiters All of
them spiteful / drunken and bedrag-
gled – always assisting one another
prepared at any time to cast
themselves over a passing Victim –

No-MM_T2759-06r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 6r

MM T 2759, fol. 6r

    Horrible 3 Years were over
New Life new Hat
– His large completed Frieze
hung at the Berlin exhibition

    All of the Pictures hung – in
the Secession Commentary. Institution’s large front hall.

    The Man and the Woman are attracted to
one another – Love’s underground
Cable carries its Power into
Their Nerves –

    The wires trussed Their Hearts
Together –

    My Words besides –

No-MM_T2759-07r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 7r

MM T 2759, fol. 7r

    There were Kiss Vampire –
– There was Jealousy –

    In the middle of the large Picture
I painted the past Summer – I
danced with my first true
Love – it was the Memory
of her –

    In comes the smiling light-haired
Woman, who wishes to pluck Love’s
Flower – but it won’t be
plucked –

    And on the other Side she
peers dressed in Mourning at the
dancing Couple – an outcast –
as I was exiled – by her Dance

No-MM_T2759-08r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 8r

MM T 2759, fol. 8r

and in the background furious Hope rages
in crazed Embraces –

    then the Scream –  …  … 

    It ends in the Death image
forever restrained by the Dance of Life –

    I travelled Home to my
Garden – new Hope was
revived in me – new Strength –
– I then looked about the little
Garden – and observed the budding
Greenery – observed my Flowers
– my Birds – my Animals and

No-MM_T2759-09r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 9r

MM T 2759, fol. 9r

my Sky.

    I had barely become accustomed
to no longer think
about Madame L Commentary. Person – it was now ½ a Year ago
I left her.

    I had heard that she
had been living hard in Munich
and that she had once again encountered
Gunnar H Commentary. Person – that during the last
Half Year she had frequented
his Room –

    – You could have spared
Yourself all that Misery he said
to himself – So easy is it for her to
be comforted –

No-MM_T2759-09v.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 9v

MM T 2759, fol. 9v

    That Winter his old Aunt
had been shocked by the
most appalling Letters –

    She was on the brink of a
Life and Death Struggle –

    I was a Villain a

No-MM_T2759-10r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 10r

MM T 2759, fol. 10r

    Then he heard from a Friend
that in Munich she had
spread nasty Rumours about
me – that I had lived
off her – used her
Money and left her
like a Crook –

    I heard that she had
written Letters to my Family
– and told them that I had behaved
like a Villain – a despicable Villain
whom one could spit in
the Face –

No-MM_T2759-10v.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 10v

MM T 2759, fol. 10v

    His three Years were ruined
– He had arrived like
a wandering Balladeer at
the affluent Woman’s Door –

    Open up Your Gate    he had
said – You are pretty – I am
weary and lovesick – Will You
serve me from Your Abundant
table of Love –

    Sit dear Bard the affluent
Woman had [said] – Help Yourself
from my table of Love – and so
he ate to his Heart’s content – but
there was Venom in the Food – and
He sat at the Table together
with Death, Illness and Venom

No-MM_T2759-11r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 11r

MM T 2759, fol. 11r

    For her You have indeed
ruined 3 years of your Life –
– He rarely left his
Garden –

    Summer arrived – with its
intense colours – Vivid green
against vivid blue – vivid
yellow against vivid Red.

    The City’s brightly dressed Women
came and filled it –

    Backfisch filled the
Streets – and the fields
like large red and white and
yellow Flowers –

    The Fishermen and Villagers
retreated more into the background –

No-MM_T2759-12r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 12r

MM T 2759, fol. 12r

    The summer night settled white
and golden – light and semi-dark
over the motley Colours –
and the People walked in pairs
– Men and Women and lovers –
The brightly dressed Women of
the City soon gathered in large Groups
– conversed together and bantered
– like a great bouquet of Flowers
– The men stood in lines in
more black dark apparel – and
observed them as though ready for the Attack –
– In pairs they sat by
the Boulder on the Beach

No-MM_T2759-13r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 13r

MM T 2759, fol. 13r

beyond it lay the Fjord in a blue
Veil and long Waves drew
themselves Up against the Boulder and burst
– Out yonder Golden Sailboats glided
slowly on a little Breeze –

    Boats carrying Men and Women like
multi-coloured Flowers in
elongated Bowls – Music and
Laughter were audible –

    Above hung the golden Moon

    – A golden Column lay in
the Water quivering in the Waves

    – yet behind this the Life
of Big city Folk flowed

No-MM_T2759-14r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 14r

MM T 2759, fol. 14r

like a Current Side by Side
[with] the Life of the Residents

    – I had been living for a long time
secluded in my Garden
when the young Painter C Commentary. Person. came down –
– You must get out he said and
observe People You are too quiet.
– There is considerable – Commotion – here
– and then he began to
frequent the Village Hotels and
the Spirits Store Commentary. Institution

    – Aasgårdstrand Commentary. Place had
gained a new Institution – a
Police officer –

No-MM_T2759-15r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 15r

MM T 2759, fol. 15r

    The new Man was a proud sight
in his Uniform –

    He stood most often in the Square
with left Hand on his Hip
– looking like Napoleon the Third –

    Occasionally one saw him
with a bloody Eye –

    I have had a little Scuffle he
says –

    That meant that he had been
intoxicated –

    Aside from that he boasted of his
Heroic deeds as a Policeman

No-MM_T2759-15v.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 15v

MM T 2759, fol. 15v

    Midsummer Eve S Commentary. Person and I were
sitting on the Hotel’s Veranda
sipping a Highball

    The City lay in a white Dreamy
Veil with its modest
white Houses – and that
pale violet Water –

    The Chestnuts stood with their large
Candles in full bloom –

    – Well if it isn’t
Hogshead said C Commentary. Person. – he’s
been around to the Hotels and now
he’s on his way here –

No-MM_T2759-16r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 16r

MM T 2759, fol. 16r

He’s good and soused now –
and there is the Police officer
he too is headed in this direction –

    That’s how he was Hogshead – he had travelled for
3 Years in China – and set
aside a pretty Sum of Money –
– while out there he Often
thought about that
Severine Commentary here in Aasgaardstrand Commentary. Place
– He was wont to take
many a Swig in the Ports
of the sea of China – and

No-MM_T2759-16v.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 16v

MM T 2759, fol. 16v

to have a look at the Chinese ladies
as well – but he sang oh
Christine out there – Oh Christine
You are my Viv – and he
thought about her constantly –

    It would be a Festive occasion when
he finally returned home – he
thought –

    He returned home this Spring
– and his pretty Christine
had undergone transformations in her hull –
he noticed – Oh – Christine
what has happened to You the way You

No-MM_T2759-17r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 17r

MM T 2759, fol. 17r

look in your Rigging –

    So Hogshead went from the Spirits store Commentary. Institution
to Hotel V. and to Hotel
– and everywhere he imbibed
– He returned home drunk and
– then he cried pitifully –
Oh my Christine – who the Devil
– who has done this –

    And then he proceeded to inquire
‘bout him everywhere – if anyone
knew ‘im – and he drank
with them all – for there
were many who had taken
an interest

No-MM_T2759-17v.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 17v

MM T 2759, fol. 17v

He suspected the Policeman
– but – nothing came of
Anything – there was no Answer
to be had –

    So he drank up his Money
so the Gold and Silver ran off
him – and with a more flushed and stupefied
expression he stared into space –

No-MM_T2759-18r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 18r

MM T 2759, fol. 18r

    The Policeman and Hogshead
were walking to and fro –
when a file of brightly clad
Backfisch strolled by laughing

    Then bonfires were lit in the
Hills – and – Accordian
music could be heard –

    The summer night threw a gentle
Veil over it all –

    Heaven knows if she will come
Miss L Commentary. Person said C Commentary. Person. –

No-MM_T2759-19r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 19r

MM T 2759, fol. 19r

– She has threatened often –

    – I have a Hunch that
she might said Brandt Commentary
I flinch every time I see
a Female – who is tall said
Brandt –

    Out of the blue a Newspaper
was started in the Village Aasgaardsreien Commentary
– A literary Elite had
arisen amongst the residents of
the Village –

    It was headed by the Police officer

No-MM_T2759-20r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 20r

MM T 2759, fol. 20r

and the Merchant S Commentary. Person.

    It was said that Police officer Pedersen Commentary
had his Eye on the pretty
young Merchant’s daughter –

    She was Young in her first bloom
and Pedersen was over 40 and had
a Wife and Children –

    Yet Police officer Pedersen had
his Uniform mind you – and stood
firmly on his Feet when he
wasn’t staggering – and he was a
crafty Don Juan – Besides the
Summer evenings were so dreamy
and sultry – and the scent of kelp and the Sea
– Spruce and blooming Chokecherry –
led the Mind to thoughts of love –

No-MM_T2759-21r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 21r

MM T 2759, fol. 21r

Aasgaardsreien was published – in a
little square Format –
– There were Poems – and Politics
and Police officer Pedersen Commentary’s Heroic deeds

    There was a Poem by a Backfisch
– When I peer into the depths of the Sea
– it is as if I catch sight of
Life’s mysteries – Life’s profound
Mysteries – with the beautiful
Surface above –

    Oh My Mystery – My
Sea My Life – unfathomable –

    And the Villagers sniggered and made fun

No-MM_T2759-22r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 22r

MM T 2759, fol. 22r

of the Paper and the Residents enjoyed
themselves immensely –

    In the Morning I walked towards
the Woods – first along the Road with
the small serene Houses on
either Side – in the Gardens with
blooming Cherry trees – and Flowers
and Vegetation –

    There I greeted all the sweet
Little children – their Voices
were like a refreshing Drink in my
sick Mind – Their large Eyes
– a beautiful bygone World
I had once inhabited – Their delightful

No-MM_T2759-23r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 23r

MM T 2759, fol. 23r

spring scampering a
Sight for sore Eyes –

    And the Little girls – how they were like
Women and the Little boys how they were like Men –
– the Little girls – shy impish –
graceful and wily –

    The Boys – awkward – arrogant – naive
and bold – they shuffled about
obeying Nature’s Law –

    – and then the Forest began – the
young Nascent wood – light green
Small spruces – like small church spires –
taller and more robust until the Forest
appeared like a great sacral

No-MM_T2759-24r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 24r

MM T 2759, fol. 24r

Church – Trunks upon Trunks
– Pillers upon Pillers – and the Birds
provided the Music –

    And my Thoughts turned to other Days
the selfsame Spring days I had
romped here with the light-blue
Madame T Commentary Here where Nature
became a Celebration of Spring
with her – until Habit and
Autumn arrived – and coloured Nature
a blood-tinted Scream –
and then again and again my
Thoughts return to the most recent one
who had become the black Angel of my Life
– Thoughts that tore my Heart asunder
with Remorse, Despair – Compassion

No-MM_T2759-25r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 25r

MM T 2759, fol. 25r

Agony and Abhorrence –

    And my thoughts rose and fell
now in Self-recrimination – now
in desperate Abhorrence – Have I
brought her to Hell’s Fire?

    And am I Guilty even though
it had been a mutual Agreement –
– And if she meant it
in earnest had I not advised
her to be a little patient –
Until Calm and Health returned –

    And had she not danced
at my Sickbed – thrown herself
into the Arms of Friends and Foes
– spit upon and disparaged me

No-MM_T2759-25v.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 25v

MM T 2759, fol. 25v

    Kristian Krohg Commentary. Person
had formerly been a stout
Fellow – a bit foppish –

    Now he was a
slimy – soft-horned
Snail – who carried a
Brothel on his Back
In this Brothel were
and Procuresses

No-MM_T2759-26r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 26r

MM T 2759, fol. 26r

Without compassion seen me
tormented and afflicted before her Eyes –
– And was it not my Aim
that I thought I must sacrifice everything
[for] my Work my Art
– and was it not her Obligation
to sacrifice herself for her Beloved’s
Art –

    I walked back to the Village
and greeted Acquaintances Fishermen
and Children – Morten Dammen Commentary
the Cottages – Police officer Pedersen Commentary
and Hogshead was also there –
Flushed he approaches
me near the Spirits Store Commentary. Institution

No-MM_T2759-27r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 27r

MM T 2759, fol. 27r

Here let us have a Drink – Very well
I said –

    To your health we – both said –
    – Listen Here he said – Do You know
Severine Commentary – No I said

    He peered searchingly at me –
apprehensive – and inquiring –

    Then with a Squint in his Eyes –

    You don’t know Severine –

    No I said –

    Yes Severine he said – but said
no more –

    Then he went out to meet
Pedersen Commentary – singing oh Women
Duplicity in them abides –

No-MM_T2759-28r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 28r

MM T 2759, fol. 28r

Then I took a Sailing trip with that
Daft Swede – who now and
then moored here with his Boat
– Out in the Silver white
Shaft of sunlight– the mother of pearl
Land of the Sun facing the mouth of the Sea –
– Here I felt healthier
My mind more tranquil – as though I was sailing
into the Kingdom of the Sun –
and the Daft one sang with an
oddly low melancholy
Voice – ­I travelled to America

    to gather Gold for Thee
– and later stood on
the Quay uttering the following Words
Here I am with Gold for Thee
You are the Gold of my Heart

No-MM_T2759-29r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 29r

MM T 2759, fol. 29r

    Later Carsten Commentary. Person and I chewed the fat up at
the Hotels and I went home late
– by the House belonging to Hogshead and Severine Commentary
a Spectacle could be heard –

    I’m warnin’ Ya Officer Pedersen Commentary – Ya
better watch out –

    I have lighted the Glass
lantern – and Severine and I
were ‘bout to have us a nice time
– and then You show up – Ya better
Watch out –

    But the next Day Officer
Pedersen stands in the Square with
a Bloody Eye –

No-MM_T2759-30r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 30r

MM T 2759, fol. 30r

One fetched the Mail
At Midday – One always
waited half an hour in front of
the little whitewashed Post Office with
the Chestnut tree above the entrance –
All the Village Guests – greeted one another
– it was colourful and resplendent there
with the bright
Bathing guests’ radiant Colours –
– There one greeted the Doctor and his Wife
– Ladies and Gentlemen –
– There one heard the latest news –
Have You heard – Morten Dammen Commentary
is dead – The Old hunchbacked
Fisherman – who looked like a brown
Boulder –    What he died of

No-MM_T2759-31r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 31r

MM T 2759, fol. 31r

no one knew –

    – One Woman recounted – he had
felt pain –

    He lay for three Days then
he could no longer lie – but
knelt with his Head down on the Bed –
– Then he said – I don’t understand
what is going on – then he died
– Then he jolted upright –

    Madame D Commentary. Person. dead –
– Shot in Tiflis by a Lover.
– Madame D …  whom he had
Escorted to the Steamboat that time
he met Madame L Commentary. Person – Whom he had
Envied with her Children and

No-MM_T2759-32r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 32r

MM T 2759, fol. 32r

    He liked being in the Garden most of all
where he could be alone
undisturbed with his thoughts –

    The Painter C Commentary. Person – came now and then You must
get out – he said – get your fill of pretty
Women – You will become old like this –
– Carsten Commentary. Person was a gifted Painter
– very amusing – entertaining –
mostly spiteful – Once in a while I went
out with him and binged –

    – Now he meandered here undisturbed
amongst his Trees –

    – Was is not Nemesis after all –
was is not god –

    – It was immaterial what
Name this enigma was given –

No-MM_T2759-33r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 33r

MM T 2759, fol. 33r

But what was the Transgression then
– He loved everything in this
Garden unperturbed – wildly – the animals – Bees
Trees Flowers – And did they not
Follow [Nature’s] Laws – ?

    – God is Unity –
All is one – primal light – electricity
– everything burns –
Humans Animals Plants –
– Trees – they radiate like
Flames from the Earth –
Even in Stones there is Fire –
If one strikes a Stone – it
emits Fire – unreleased Energy
All is Life – even in the Stone’s

No-MM_T2759-34r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 34r

MM T 2759, fol. 34r

    Hard Mass –

    Even in the Stone there is Will –

    – In Humans the Human
Will exists already in
the Embryo – in Man’s Desire and
Woman’s Abandonment –

    – In the Stone the Will is to achieve Form

    – Everything is in us – and we are in everything –

    – The smallest unit splits into smaller parts
the largest gather into one great
Unity –

    The Earth is a living Cell and
we are Microorganisms – on its surface –
– God is in us and we are in God –

No-MM_T2759-34v.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 34v

MM T 2759, fol. 34v

    Picture Women in the Garden

No-MM_T2759-35r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 35r

MM T 2759, fol. 35r

    We sin against the Unity when
we sin against the Law of Unity –
– and is not Experience
preserved in the Bible’s ancient
truths –

    And is not Christ – Son of
this these Truths –

    A Trace of this Unity –
– And if we do not follow these
Laws – do we not then experience Hell
in our beings – and do we not have a Trace in us

    He walked about his Blooming
Garden and observed this lavish
overflowing Life – and thought about
his Inner self a Desert thirsting for

No-MM_T2759-36r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 36r

MM T 2759, fol. 36r

Repose in the Unfolding of the Law –
the Law to reproduce – oneself –
to bear Fruit –

No-MM_T2759-37r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 37r

MM T 2759, fol. 37r

    He gave a start – up there
by the House stood a Woman – with
bowed Head –

    – It was Miss D Commentary. Person – but at first
he had thought it was
Miss L Commentary. Person – She resembled her in
her Bowed Head

    – And he knew that she lived
together with Miss L –

    And he understood that it was Because of

    – I know why You came
he said –

    Come in and have a seat –

No-MM_T2759-38r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 38r

MM T 2759, fol. 38r

They sat Next to one another –
– I know why You are here
he said –

    – Yes she said – I was sent by
her – Go to her –

    I cannot – it has to
end – It is impossible –

    – She loves You so – she
said –

    – Yes but the whole thing is
impossible – It is too much for me
it would be Hell the way it
was – I have been tormented to death for
3 Years – And when one is not in love
– why should one marry

No-MM_T2759-39r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 39r

MM T 2759, fol. 39r

She is not thinking about that any longer
she said – she requests very
little merely to be together
with You – to see You –

    – But what for what for exclaimed B Commentary
writhing in Anguish –

    It is too much for me – it will
only be Hell and bad for us
both –

    Look at me here – can You
see I am rather happy as far
as I can be – it was
Hell for both of us I cannot
begin all over again – and I must say
she was wicked towards me

No-MM_T2759-39v.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 39v

MM T 2759, fol. 39v

No-MM_T2759-40r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 40r

MM T 2759, fol. 40r

    Miss D Commentary. Person. – sat still –

    Oh I have a terrible feeling – it
will turn out badly –

    – I cannot do more said B. Commentary decisively
– it is impossible –
– And Miss D. left –
– And Brandt was left with Doubt and
Anxiety – No end to it – Has
she not amused herself for 4 Years
– lived with G H Commentary. Person – and others –
spread the most terrible Rumours about
him – and now once more –

No-MM_T2759-41r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 41r

MM T 2759, fol. 41r

    – He sat on the Seashore
– the long gentle Waves floated
in toward the Boulder and burst one
after the other – They reflected the Sky’s
white Clouds – a glossy
shining Surface but
underneath the small bands of Waves
green Boulders were visible – dark
strange Shapes – A view of
a new World under there –

    It was the Backfisch’s Ode to
the Sea – Life with its Mysteries
– and its clear mirrored Surface –

No-MM_T2759-42r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 42r

MM T 2759, fol. 42r

The Days passed in this manner –

    One Day Bødtker Commentary. Person is standing in the Garden
– Dark sinister Countenance – one
of the Bohemian’s Circle – [which] he
more or less had joined –

    I know why You have come
I said – let us sit –
With his intense shrill
Voice he thus proceeded –

    I tell You You must speak
to her – This will be her demise

No-MM_T2759-43r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 43r

MM T 2759, fol. 43r


No-MM_T2759-44r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 44r

MM T 2759, fol. 44r

    I met  …  one early Spring
when everything around me was in love I
saw and understood that she was experienced
in Life – she was 30 Years old and well-off

    – I made a few Advances towards her
as one does when the Blood
is effervescent – But I did not touch
her – it was not until one day at
a lively Champagne party she gave
that she propelled the relationship into existence – and
I can rightfully say that she propelled it into existence –

    – I broke down seriously ill
immediately afterward – overworked
as I already was after a miserable
and long Artist’s life –

No-MM_T2759-45r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 45r

MM T 2759, fol. 45r

    One Night in a high Fever she
comes up to my Room with
drunken Painters – and dances –

    I became very ill –

    Did I believe she loved me – actually
– It was a Relationship built
on a clear Understanding – between adult
human beings – Do You wish to
be a part of this Relationship as a Friend –

    For I am not able to love – and
marry – a Love for life it is
not –


    I will travel abroad – have finally
received funds – and will work for

No-MM_T2759-46r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 46r

MM T 2759, fol. 46r

my Art –

    She remains entrenched in my
Hotel –

    I am still in poor health –
am not getting better –

    A life begins that is filled
with Misery Scenes, Tears –
Rage – Compassion –

    – Until I say let us be
separated from one another – let me collect
myself – and let us see –

    She is in the Arms of that
revoltingly obese G. H. Commentary. Person

    Well – then it is possible
it is finished –

    I barely begin to

No-MM_T2759-48r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 48r

MM T 2759, fol. 48r

recover – when she throws herself at me
again Tears – Scenes – Rage –
Compassion – I travel in [a state of]
Despair and Insomnia to a
Sanatorium – My Sleep has vanished
– She travels to Berlin –
– Then I received a Letter in which
she recounts that she is
on the brink of Death – overtaken by
Consumption –

    In hopeless Desperation –
at a loss as to what I should
do – I make the trip to visit her sick
as I was – and allow her to finance
the Trip – the wealthy Woman
– Penniless and deprived as I was
In Desperation I write and proposed Marriage

No-MM_T2759-49r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 49r

MM T 2759, fol. 49r

    I meet her Abroad
healthy – hence a Lie the Consumption

    I suspected Deceit –

    We travelled to Italy – in order to see
what I could do – I break
down again – and flee to
a nerve Sanatorium in Norway –
Reclusive, insomniac – until I
little by little after 1½ Years
have gradually recovered –

    – I have Since heard a great deal
about her – She has lived
wildly everywhere – in the most vile manner
circulated slander about me to my Friends
– and even claimed that I had used her

No-MM_T2759-50r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 50r

MM T 2759, fol. 50r

    She has incited a Romanian
to assassinate me –

    – For Years She has embittered
the Lives of my poor aging Aunt –
and my sister –

    I do not love her –
and I never will –

    If she is as You say totally
changed – I shall again attempt
to help her –

    But this time everything shall be clarified once
and for all –

    Everything that I have told You

No-MM_T2759-51r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 51r

MM T 2759, fol. 51r

You will tell her –

    Everthing is useless if this
is not made clear –

    If I am to help her – then
she must be sure to take what I
can give her – and she must
give in to my Will –

    – If You promise this – then I shall
make an attempt –

    I give you my
Word. I will make an attempt one more time

No-MM_T2759-53r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 53r

MM T 2759, fol. 53r

    She and I we are not
born under the same Conditions –
I in a poor Home – and with Hereditary
Disease –

    She the youngest pampered Daughter
in an affluent Home –

    – Healthy and hale
– she was given everything –

    Two of Mankind’s most terrible
Enemies were my legacy – The legacies
of Consumption and of Mental Illness –
Disease and Insanity and Death
were the black Angels that stood
by my Cradle

No-MM_T2759-54r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 54r

MM T 2759, fol. 54r

    A Mother who died early – gave me
the seed of Consumption – a distraught – Father
religiously pious verging on Madness –
from an old Lineage – gave me
the Seeds of Insanity –

    – From Birth – the Angels of Angst
– Sorrow – Death stood by
my Side followed me outdoors when
I played – followed me under the Spring
Sun – during Summer’s Splendour –

    – They stood by my Side in the Evening
when I closed my Eyes –
and threatened me with Death Hell and
eternal Damnation –

    And it often happened that
I woke up in the Night – and

No-MM_T2759-55r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 55r

MM T 2759, fol. 55r

stared in wild Fear out into the Room

    Am I in Hell –

    Illness followed me throughout
my entire Childhood and Youth –
– The germ of Consumption planted its blood-red Banner
victoriously on my white Hand-
kerchief – And my Beloved [family members] died
One after the Other –

    One Christmas I lie 13 Years
Old – the Blood pours out
of my Mouth – the Fever
rages in my Veins – Angst
shrieked inside of me

    Now right now in the next Second
I shall stand in front of my Judge – and
You shall be sentenced to eternal damnation –

No-MM_T2759-56r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 56r

MM T 2759, fol. 56r

    He was saved – but his Youth
was worm-eaten – and Doubt – Angst
and Illness – followed him

    – There he stood alone in
Life – with broken Spirit
– He had become accustomed
to the Thought of not
marrying.    Nor did he have
the Right – should he create
– a Diseased Home in the World –
Should his Youth be lived over

    – As a Painter – even less – Art
– the only Goal –
– But he felt – he could
find a Woman – who could

No-MM_T2759-57r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 57r

MM T 2759, fol. 57r

be important to him – outside of Marriage.
– The Bohemian period came with its
free Love – God – and everything [else] were overthrown
– everyone raging in a wild crazy
Dance of Life – a blood-red Sun hung
in the Sky – the Cross was empty –

    – But I could not liberate myself
from Mortal fear – and the constant
Thought of Life –

    – Then an experienced Worldly woman appeared
and I received the Baptism of Fire –
I was subjected here to the whole
Disaster of Love, Bødtker Commentary. Person
– and I was for several Years nearly
mad – the Terrible face of
Mental Illness – reared its warped Head

No-MM_T2759-58r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 58r

MM T 2759, fol. 58r

    You know my Picture Scream –
I was overwrought – to the extreme –
Nature shrieked in my Blood – my Wire
was about to burst – when a blond
woman aided me with her Spring smile –

    – You know my Pictures and
know that I have experienced every feeling – –

    – After that I gave up Hope
of being able to love –

    But it is then I meet this Woman
– wealthy pampered – healthy – irresponsible –
– I believe I knew her –

    From when she was quite little ran about
in Homansbyen’s Back courtyards – scheming –
– a spiteful red-haired little Thing –

No-MM_T2759-59r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 59r

MM T 2759, fol. 59r

Always goading the Boys into fighting each other
– pulling her Girlfriends’ Hair –
– Always half-drowning in Toys
– which she broke into pieces –

    Screeching when she did not get
a Doll – destroying the Doll when
she has gotten it –

    – And then she received an Allowance from the time she
was 15 Years old – travelled abroad and yet
she still has this Backyard life –

    Schemed – lied – Howled when
she did not get the large Doll
the Man – Destroying it when
she possessed it –

    – I believe that if I had loved
her she would have discarded me herself

No-MM_T2759-60r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 60r

MM T 2759, fol. 60r

Such is the Impression I
have gotten of her – during these three Years –
– And she is liberal with her gifts – Bødtker Commentary. Person
Wealthy folks’ Gifts are dual
Theft – first the Money is stolen then
one steals People’s Hearts –
– She gave Money away everywhere
in large Sums in Berlin in Munich
– and here – She had an
Entourage of Friends – who were
prepared to help her –
– They became my Hangmen

    – Her Countenance reveals
everything –

    You know my Picture –
three Women –

    The Spring woman with golden locks – the Whore – and Grief

No-MM_T2759-61r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 61r

MM T 2759, fol. 61r

Her Smile – which from the alluring
Smile of Spring was intended to become the Mother’s smile
the Smile of contentment –

    A Mistress’s – Grimace of a smile –
–the Mask’s bloody Smile of contentment –
– An Actress in Life’s Theatre –
– and the Visage of Grief or the Night has
become a frightful Medusa Head image –

    – I feared this
Face from the first Moment –

    – But Compassion contrived
through Tears and Reproaches
to ensnare me

    – I felt it as my Duty to
allow myself to be tortured by her
– until the Crisis was over –

    – I wished to help her overcome

No-MM_T2759-62r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 62r

MM T 2759, fol. 62r

the terrible Foe Love’s
Mental affliction – the one she had for me
– and Consumption – which threatened her
– I became Ill – and Insanity
once again reared its Head in
me – She was healed at least
of the Illness – and I must believe
that Time will help her overcome this
other matter –

    Bødtker Commentary. Person – I was exhausted in the
extreme – The bow cannot stand any more
Tension do You hear – You
are Responsible

    I do not think I have the Right to marry
You have given Your Word of Honour that all
this will be explained and that she will abide by the Conditions –

No-MM_T2759-63r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 63r

MM T 2759, fol. 63r

    It was Late Summer – and the Trees bore
Fruit – I had promised to
come and speak with her
– Like a threatening Apparition I
imagined it –

    and he postposed and postponed it in order to
be able to prepare himself –

    For it was a matter of Life and Death
Either or – Either she is
a changed Person – or it is
Death –

No-MM_T2759-83r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 83r

MM T 2759, fol. 83r

A Woman’s Smile – is threefold –
Spring Summer Winter –
Alluring like Spring – in sweet Expectation
fragrant – shy and – lovely
seductive – like the birdsong of Spring
and Field Flowers –

    – Summer’s intoxicated Smile – over
the burgeoning Fruit – the Mother’s Smile of Contentment
Winter’s, Grief’s Death’s Smile
solemn and painful like the Elixir
of Death – the Consummation of Life –

    The Caricature is of the Maitress –
The perpetual Smile – the
eternally seductive Smile – the Smile of
Seduction and the Victorious Smile – Victory over
the Man – which also resembles the Smile
of the Jew – the enactment of a coup –
the bloody Smile –

No-MM_T2759-84r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 84r

MM T 2759, fol. 84r

Then the Mother’s proud, content smile
disappeared –

But Winter’s, Grief’s,
Solemnity’s Smile – became the Medusa
head’s terrible Doomed Smile –
The appalling Grimace of
Disaster, Grief Atrocity –

No-MM_T2759-85v.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 85v

MM T 2759, fol. 85v

The Power of Money –

    From the time she was 15
– when as a naughty gire
from Homansby she as a Child had
goaded – played – schemed amongst
the City’s Back Courtyards – Boys and Girls – as a 15-Year-Old
when she received her Allowance
left this Traffic from Childhood days –

    – She learned early to exploit
the Money for her Intrigues

    She was utterly given to
dispensing it –

    Nothing is more repulsive than
wealthy folks’ Handouts – It is
Theft – The Rich man is doubly a

No-MM_T2759-86r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 86r

MM T 2759, fol. 86r

Thief – first he has stolen
the Money and then he steals
People’s Hearts with his Handouts –

    She gave away money at Christmas and Easter
and Donations on other Days – and Flowers
– and she had an entourage of Friends
bought for a trifle

    – She constantly felt
wronged – Because she had
been accustomed to – merely
pointing to a Thing in order to
get it –

    She alone had the right to
love – or kiss – the Man
who kissed was always one  … 
– When someone kissed her then
he became an object for her Whims
– otherwise he was a Villain who

No-MM_T2759-86v.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 86v

MM T 2759, fol. 86v

would pay with his blood –

    Those who loved her she soon
tired of – those
who did not love her – she had
the Right to destroy –
and her Money and her
Body as well which she
readily offered for the purpose if
her Revenge could be appeased –
provided her continuously with
ready Hangmen –

    And she knew she could
permit herself anything – for, even though
she created the worst Scandals –

No-MM_T2759-87r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 87r

MM T 2759, fol. 87r

– She had an Angel’s face
at the ready – a penitent Woman’s
Expression – – and with her cold
Hand could bestow from her
Money purse –

    After having destroyed a
Painter who was considered the
best in the land – with her
Vulgar Schemes – she knew
what she would do –

    she married a
mediocre Talent – Acquired some
Pictures here and there –

    And moreover she was interesting –
by virtue of that “Sad Story” with the
the poor Genius – and she became
an illustrious Martyr for Art
– a generous Patroness of Art

No-MM_T2759-87v.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 87v

MM T 2759, fol. 87v

    Man is of a dreamy
Nature – In his Dreams he garners
the Virility to impregnate
Woman – who is always watchful
in order to receive
Man’s Virility –

    Man is the Dreamer Child
and God – hence the Courageous

    Woman is Earth – the apprehensive one
always prepared for impregnation when
the Man wishes – Apprehensive that the
Impregnation shall occur at the right
Time – and apprehensive that the Seed should
thrive – Hence Woman’s countless
Lies and Deceptions –

No-MM_T2759-88r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 88r

MM T 2759, fol. 88r

    The Caricature of a Man is
thus the Dreamer who walks
on the Edge of a Gable and falls
down at the Mention of his Name
the Caricature of a Woman is
a Whore who always Day and Night
takes care to outwit the Man
– and cause him to Fall

    Thus Woman is also the
most patient

No-MM_T2759-90v.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 90v

MM T 2759, fol. 90v

No-MM_T2759-92v.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 92v

MM T 2759, fol. 92v Commentary


H. ‹Chr›
or Virtue/Chastity
the Centre

CG.      LR      Em

Forward, forward
Warriors Crusaders Commentary
Men of the Enlightenment –
Clad in armour
Men –

1) Thore Hund
from Hauklogaland Commentary

2) The Herd of Bastards
under GH

    The Battle of Stiklestad

No-MM_T2759-93r.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 93r

MM T 2759, fol. 93r

The Ladies’
unburned Witch

The Herd of Wholesalers
Kvalier Commentary

The Herd of
unburned Witches
Forward Forward Cuckold!

Norway’s only
Herd of Poets
or the
effervescent Herd



No-MM_T2759-94v.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 94v

MM T 2759, fol. 94v

Family …  B

The Family should provide
Hangmen’s Pension
as they did previously

No-MM_T2759-98-Vi.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 98-Vi

MM T 2759, fol. 98-Vi

No-MM_T2759-99-V.jpg. MM T 2759, fol. 99-V

MM T 2759, fol. 99-V