Edward Theodore Salvesen

Skotsk jurist, politiker og dommer. Norsk konsul i Leith, Skottland. Sønn av den norskfødte Christian Salvesen, som opprettet firmaet Chr. Salvesen & Co i Leith, Skottland.

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Brev og brevutkast fra Edvard Munch til Edward Theodore Salvesen

I det digitale arkivet finnes det 1 brev/brevutkast til denne mottakeren.

Munchmuseet, MM N 2022.    Brevutkast. Datert 1931.
«Som De vistnok vet så er inviteret af Society of Scottisch Artists til at udstille i Edingburgh Som man har meddelt mig er De så elskværdig at imødekomme de skotske kunstnere med hensyn til fragten –»

Edward Theodore Salvesen er omtalt i følgende tekster

Munchmuseet, MM K 4219.   Brev fra The Society of Scottish Artists. Datert 08.10.1931. Se s. 1
«As the Loan Works Committee has already exceeded its budget, it is necessary that every expense should be cut down to a minimum. Mr. Morton whom you say, has been in communication with Mr. Salvesen of the Shipping firm, who is much interested in the project, and has very kindly offered the Society special consideration with regard to freight, therefore, we should like to try to arrange matters here, and we have also received a very favourable quotation for Insurance. In order to find out which would be the cheaper method, perhaps you would be good enough to give such details as you can of the estimated cost of Ninety Guineas mentioned by you.»
Munchmuseet, MM K 4222.   Brev fra R. H. Morton, The Society of Scottish Artists. Datert 23.11.1931. Se s. 1
«Mr. Noel Salvesen is at present at his shooting lodge in the North, and is not expected to return to Edinburgh for some weeks, nevertheless I had your sayings translated and put before our publicity committee.»